Graduate Catalog Description:

Students will be introduced to methods of intervention useful for current issues in a global society.  Participants will gain knowledge and skills useful for intervening during crisis situations with individuals, couples and families within various community, clinical and educational settings.  Students will develop skills necessary for crisis intervention disaster plan formation.  Application of psychotherapeutic methods will be explored within diverse contexts including culturally different populations, populations across the lifespan with emphasis on such issues as addictions, sexual violence, grief and loss, bullying, PTSD, natural and person-induced disasters, triage assessment, suicide and child abuse, as they relate to intervention and prevention of emotional and mental disorders. A focus on the importance of multiculturalism and diversity relative to a global society to individual perceptions of crisis, trauma, violence and stress will be explored.  Stress, coping styles, and resilience will be explored and students will have the opportunity to examine both legal and ethical issues associated with relevant issues within a changing society as they affect both the educational and clinical mental health environments.      (Prerequisites:  COU 503, 504, 505, 509)