This course will give students the theoretical and hands –on understanding of video game development. Students will be introduced to video game history, art, design, programming, management, ethical issues and distribution. The course will include various software tools that are critical in the video game production process. Students will create their own video games that will serve as a final project.

Survey of the development of media forms and their functions within and influences on (and beyond) U.S. culture including newspapers, television, film, sound recording, advertising, and public relations, focusing on media literacy.

Instruction and practice in creating content for various platforms, such as websites, social media, and mobile devices.

This course introduces students to several different forms of media writing including writing for the electronic media (film, radio, and television), print media and the stage. Students will gain experience in writing news, features, advertising, press releases, stage and screen plays.

Instruction and practice in writing for print, broadcast, and social media, including basic journalism, advertising, public relations, script writing, and blogging techniques.

Study and application of the theories used to critically analyze film.