An introduction to the history and development of music in film, from the Silent era through contemporary cinema. Through readings, lecture, class discussion and film viewing, students will begin to understand the relationship between music and the visual images that are presented on the screen. The course will also demonstrate how musical styles change and expand in the service of this relationship.

Study of contrapuntal techniques in periods other than the 16th century, with particular emphasis on Bach's style. Writing of inventions and fugues. 

An introduction to the discipline of ethnomusicology. This course will examine the music of diverse cultures, with a special emphasis on non-western music, both traditional and popular. Social and cultural backgrounds of selected geographical regions will be explored in terms of their influence on musical traditions. Structured listening and performance experiences both in and out of the classroom will enable students to develop and expanded vision of musical style and expression. Background knowledge in music is very helpful.

The study of percussion instruments, methods and materials in a class setting. Instructional materials and strategies appropriate to the teaching of middle childhood and AYA.